Quartz Tumbled Stone

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Your tumbled stone will be around 3-4cm in length (approx 1.5 inches) and weigh 20 to 30 grams on average. This is an approximation.

Note: certain types stones may be a bit smaller sometimes (2 cm / 1 inch) if we only have smaller sized stones available when you order, we will send two stones instead of one.

Please see the photo of the tumbled stone being held in our models hand for an approximation of size. Note, that certain tumbled stones are typically larger then others, whilst other types of stones are typically smaller. Certain times our tumbled stones will tend to a more square-shape and other times they will tend to a more round-shape.


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Quartz Tumbled Stone - tumbledstone
Quartz Tumbled Stone - tumbledstone
Quartz Tumbled Stone - tumbledstone