Quartz Crystal Shard

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A single crystal quartz shard of approx 3 - 5cm in length. This is a raw crystal quartz shard. Shown in the photo are several examples of the kind of crystal that you will receive. But only 1 shard is included. If you wish to purchase multiple shards, you may add multiple shards to your cart.

Note: it is suggested that you might want to add up to 10 shards to your cart to save money on shipping. You may add more then this of course - but the cost for shipping will be the same from 1 to 10 shards, and then the same from 11 to 20 shards - and so on. Every 11th shard will bump up to the next shipping weight bracket (shipping is approx $5 per 10 shards).

These are great for jewelry making and for crystal gridding.

These are raw, natural, un-cut quartz shards which have broken off from a larger crystal quartz cluster.


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All our crystal gemstone products are cleansed in a quartz singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Chi.

Quartz Crystal Shard - rawstone
Quartz Crystal Shard - rawstone