Lapis Lazuli Wand

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Excellent for gaining spiritual insight and wisdom, activating personal power and inner truth.

Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand

This wand is available in our small and medium sizes:

Medium size:
Approx. Height: 8-10 cm (metric) 3½ - 4 inches (imperial)
Approx. Weight: 80 - 100 grams (metric) 3 ounces (imperial)
Small size:
Approx. Height: 5-6 cm (metric) 2 - 2½ inches (imperial)
Approx. Weight: 50 grams (metric) 1.75 ounces (imperial)

More sizes will be added in the future! 

Lapis Lazuli Wand*small size shown in photo above

All gemstones will vary somewhat in size shape and color, but all are beautiful and unique as nature makes them.

Lapis Lazuli Wand
*small size shown in photo above

The history of lapis lazuli goes back over 6,500 years and was found and held sacred by cultures in Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome along with other blue gems like sapphire and turquoise. In ancient Egyptian times, lapis lazuli was worn by pharaohs and queens. It was in-fact considered even more valuable then gold!


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All our crystal gemstone products are cleansed in a quartz singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Chi.

Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand
Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand
Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand
Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand
Lapis Lazuli Wand - wand